Chef King

Chef King

Kingtian (King) Jantaraniyom

Chef King has a true passion for cooking, and it shows in her teaching style and food taste.  She is a truly gifted chef with years of experience teaching in English and Chinese.  Her belief is that food can both nourish the body and please the palate, all while having fun.  Her understanding of nutrition, Thai cooking and fruit carving are second to none.  Her students rave about her knowledge and friendly nature, and we are sure you will also.  Come to the beautiful island of Phuket and experience the amazing sights from our hillside classroom while learning from the best.


– Prince of Songkla University, Phuket, B.A. in Chinese Studies
– Mandarin Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Program (OHAP), intensive one year Traditional Thai Cuisine program


– Singapore–Sous chef at Elsie’s Kitchen, 1 year
– Thailand–Head Chef at Thaksin Vocation Club, 3 years
– Phuket Thai Cooking Academy–Head Instructor for Thai cooking and fruit carving, August 2015-present


Onrumpaa (Nok) Jetawan

Chef Nok is our most entertaining and friendly instructor. Laughter can be heard from her classroom from one side of the school to the other. Her specialty is making vegan/vegetarian dishes that come alive with flavor and rival the most celebrated meat dishes. With years of experience on her resume, she is able to make, and more importantly, teach some of the best Thai cuisine we have tasted. Chef Nok is proof that Thai cooking can be healthy, delicious and a lot of fun.  She is a great Chef and a great teacher all rolled into one amazing instructor, but don’t just take our word for it, come and see for yourself.

Culinary Experience:

– Cre8 Breakfast and Brunch Restaurant-Owner and Head chef 3 Years

Teaching Experience:

– Baan Hong Nual Cookery School- Thai cooking Instructor 2 years
– Chiangmai Cookery School- Thai cooking Instructor 1 year
– Thaimueng Vegetarian cooking school- Head vegan/vegetarian cooking instructor 2 years
– Phuket Thai Cooking Academy- Thai cooking instructor 1 year


Our Chef Extraordinaire

We are pleased and proud to have Kru (teacher) Nat as our Chef Instructor!

Chef Nat grew up in a small village on the banks of the Tha-Jeen river, just a short ways northwest of Bangkok.  He acquired his love of cooking by helping his aunt Cha-Loy in the family kitchen.  When he was young, she would send him out daily to fetch young tamarind leaves, coconuts, shrimp, fresh fruits, herbs & vegetables.  Together, they would prepare various curry pastes, soups, and other traditional Thai meals.  They did this together for many years.

After graduating from Srinakharinwirot University with a degree in Business Education, he realized his real love was Thai cooking.  He thereupon enrolled in the intensive one year Traditional Thai Cuisine program of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Program (OHAP).  Upon graduation, he was recognized as their outstanding student.

Chef Nat has over 14 years of experience in both teaching traditional Thai culinary arts, fruit & vegetable carving, and as the head chef of several Thai restaurants in overseas countries.  His experience speaks for itself.


1.  Srinakharinwirot University, B.A. in Business Education

2.  Mandarin Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Program (OHAP), intensive one year Traditional Thai Cuisine program


  1.  Wandee Culinary School—Thai cooking and carving instructor, 4 years.  Primarily taught foreigners who wanted to open Thai restaurants overseas and taught Thai nationals cooking skills in order to obtain overseas cooking positions.
  2. Sumita Culture Center—Thai cooking and fruit, vegetable & soap carving instructor, part time, almost 10 years
  3. Hand Craft Training Center—Vocational instructor, fruit and vegetable carving, 4 months
  4. Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy—Teacher of chef cooking classes and fruit & vegetable carving, April 2011-April 2013
  5. Phuket Thai Cooking Academy–Teacher of chef cooking classes and fruit & vegetable carving, August 2014-present


  1. Beijing, China—Head Chef, Phrik Thai Restaurant (Holiday Inn Lido), staff of 20, cooked for Royal Thai family members on visits to Beijing, 2 ½ years
  2. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia—Head Chef, Siam 62 Thai Restaurant, 2 ½ years
  3. Singapore–Head Chef, My Thai Restaurant, 6 months