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Thai-Malaysian food] is so popular around the world that most major cities have Thai restaurants. In Ann Arbor for example, we have No Thai and TupTim. For people who like the dazzling sweet and spicy flavor, Thai food is definitely something that you have to try. Like most Asian food, rice and rice noodles are staples for most Thai recipes. Fish, fruit and vegetables are chosen for their freshness. Thai people love strong flavors and thus, curries are commonly eaten. Stir fries are also popular. Lime juice, lemon juice and coriander are Thai classics and chilies are sometimes added for extra taste.
Good news for those who want to cook their own Thai food! The ingredients needed for home Thai food recipes are easily obtainable at major supermarkets and stores. Fried Noodles or Pad Thai are prime examples. You can combine them with shallots, dried shrimp, fish sauce, chives, roasted peanuts, tofu, tamarind and bean sprouts, stir fried together in a wok. Add chili powder if you can take the spice.
I will now introduce some Thai food. Let’s start with the spicy Fried Fish Cakes or Tod Man Plaa. They are very tasty and make an excellent lunch or snack. Fresh cod or halibut are used and the cakes are prepared with stringbeans, kaffir lime leaves and red curry paste. You can accompany the dish with a cucumber relish if you like.
The fish curry is another favorite Thai food recipe. This creamy curry utilizes red curry paste, chopped tomatoes, coconut milk, fish sauce, lime juice, kaffir lime leaves, chili peppers and basil leaves.
Chicken is commonly used in the preparation of Thai food as well. One really good example would be the Thai Chicken Casserole or Gai Kaen. The chicken is marinated in garlic, root ginger, shallots, peanut oil, and turmeric. The spicy stock is made with cumin seeds, coriander seeds, cardamom pods, shrimp paste, shallots, chili peppers, and coconut milk.
Looking for some Thai dessert? No problem! The Thai Coconut Ice Cream is made with coconut milk, heavy whip cream, sugar, eggs, and sweet basil leaves. Alternatively, it can also be made as a chocolate and ginger version.
Not an ice cream fan? Try the Kluay Namaun or Sweet Coconut Bananas. This dessert is simple to make and only requires ripe bananas, coconut milk and sugar and it is usually served with sweet, sticky rice.
Are you hooked on Thai food now? Run to your nearest Thai restaurant to satisfy your taste buds.

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