Thai Food: Guilt Free Healthy Eating

Thai food is very delicious, healthy, and easily available almost in every country and region. You can enjoy Thai delicacies without regretting about hampering your health.
While nowadays most of us want to eat tasty food every day, we also concentrate on healthy eating. We don’t want to feel guilty after having a platter full of scrumptious dishes. So what do we do?! Well, we can choose our cuisine carefully. And, one of the healthier cuisines is the Thai cuisine. Not only does Thai food taste delicious, but it is also quite healthy and can help you add to your health in the right way. In fact, it is also one of the most common cuisines loved by natives of every place. Its selection of various aromatic spices and attractive appearance makes it a great cuisine to eat frequently without any regrets after eating, or sometimes even overeating! Here is a quick peep into the healthier side of Thai food:
Galangal – A common by taste, yet uncommon by name ingredient in Thai dishes is the Galangal. Very similar in taste and appearance to ginger, Galangal has a very fresh and refreshing taste and aroma. It is very commonly and extensively used in Thai food. It has medicinal properties and is known to improve digestion, treat ulcers, and remove various other stomach ailments like inflammation, pain, etc.
Lemongrass – Very fresh, lemony and citrus herb, it is used in Thai soups, curries and dry items alike. Like Galangal, it is also used in a large number of Thai dishes. Very effective in relieving flu, cold, fever, etc., this herb is also useful in alleviating arthritis and fungal conditions.
Basil – Basil is a very aromatic herb with a sweet and cool smell. Used in a number of cuisines, this herb is also used frequently in Thai food. Basil leaves have tremendous healing powers, from curing cough, cold, throat infections, respiratory disorders, mouth infections to heart, eye and teeth disorders. It is also an effective antioxidant and helps the body get rid of toxins.
Coconut Milk – Used as a base for the most common Thai green and red curries, coconut milk was earlier treated as a fattening ingredient, it is actually great in boosting immunity, lowering cholesterol levels, and improving metabolic functions.
Veggies – Known to use a lot of green leafy vegetables, Thai cuisine is a combination of common and exotic vegetables. Vegetables of all types are anyway good for the health and when used with various herbs and spices, these vegetables are sure to benefit you with their nutrition and fibre value.
Eating your regular cuisine and food every day at home can become seriously boring at times. All of us need a change of taste and style of cooking to ensure that we can instill some fun into the mundane eating. And, to do that, eating out at a good restaurant is the easiest way. You can just step out of your house and find a good restaurant that serves your favourite (non-regular) cuisine, no matter which place you are living in. Thanks to the globalisation of almost everything under the sun! Now you can find a Thai restaurant in Dubai [], Lebanese restaurant in India, Indian restaurant in France, Italian restaurant in Japan, and what not! So enjoy eating.

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