Green Curry With Chicken



60 g chicken, sliced
1-2 T Green curry paste
1 each Thai eggplant cut into quarter
5-8 Pea eggplants
1-2 Kaffir leaves, torn in half
8-10 Sweet basil leaves
1/4  Spur Red chili
1/2 C Coconut cream
1 C Coconut milk
2 T Cooking oil


1 t Palm sugar
1 T Fish sauce


Put oil in wok and add 1-2 T of green curry paste, stir vigorously until fragrant
Add coconut cream to mix and stir until fat separates (rises to top)
Add chicken and fry for about 2 minutes until chicken change color to be white.
Add coconut milk, eggplants, palm sugar, and fish sauce.
Then add sweet basil leaves, Kaffir leaves, Red chili and cook for a second.