60 g Chicken, sliced

1 -2 T Massaman curry paste

50 g Potato, cut in cubes (boiled)

30 g Onion, cut in cubes

1 T Cooking oil

1 C Coconut cream

1/2 C Coconut milk

1-2 Bay leaves

1-2 Cardamom seeds

1 T Peanuts (roasted)

1 /4 stock Cinnamon


1 t Palm sugar

1 T Fish sauce

1/2 T Tamarind juice


Put oil in wok and add 1- 2 T of massaman curry paste, stir vigorously until fragrant
Add coconut cream and mix well, stir well until red oil separates on top
Add chicken and stir well for about 2 minute.
Add coconut milk, potato, onion and seasoning with palm sugar, fish sauce, tamarind juice, and peanuts
Stir constantly until chicken and onion are cooked.
Serve over rice and enjoy!