Sydney Loves Thai Food!

From a Pad Thai to a Green Papaya Salad, and from Seafood Salad with Thai Herbs and Dressing to Red Curry with Vegetables, all dishes leave one breathless with anticipation! Thai food is recognized as one of the top cuisine in the world.

People in Thailand are deeply cultured and seldom eat alone. Their combination of dishes revolves around eating in company. If you want to enjoy Thai food like they do in its native land then eat in pleasant company, even a cosy twosome would be awesome, and keep the conversation flowing. The food will be so sublime as to transport you into a different plane altogether and it is an experience, enhanced by sharing.

Thai cuisine involves the use of herbs and spices that give the dishes a unique flavour while being good for health as well. For example a Pad Thai, which are typically stir-fried noodles with egg, leave you completely satisfied without making you feel heavy; so does a Tom Yum, a soup with prawn that has a delicious hot and sour taste. Steamed rice is a staple Thai dish that enhances the experience of tasting Thai Red Curry or Green Curry!

Rice is usually a must to order while eating Thai food and especially popular is the Thai Jasmine rice which is also called the fragrant rice. Most Thai people are fit and credit that to the special ingredients that go into Thai food. The mouth-watering cuisine is nutritious and tasty while being easy to digest. The extensive use of fish oil and coconut water makes Thai food really healthy.

Coconut water and milk are high in mineral content, potassium and anti-oxidants. They provide natural energy and have a great effect on skin health and also replace electrolytes post exercise. Apart from Fish Sauce and Coconut Milk, there are many other essential ingredients in Thai cooking such as Lemon Grass that smells minty and has a lemony taste, and Kaffir lime leaves that have a strong citrus fragrance.

Garlic is another favourite ingredient which is sliced and fried in oil for so many sumptuous dishes. Thai chili peppers such as the Phrik Khee Noo are a hot ingredient in Thai sauce! A milder variant of the usual ginger, Galangal, is a popular ingredient that is really beneficial to health. It is especially renowned for aiding digestion. It has a distinctive acid taste that reduces the smell in meat.

Basil and Palm sugar add key distinctive flavours of their own to Thai cuisine. These incredible ingredients and so many more that form a part of secret Thai recipes add that distinctive sweet, salty, spicy and sour taste to Thai dishes. Eating Thai food is not just an amazing journey for your taste buds but an experience in enjoying the company of others, remaining healthy and having a soul-stirring insight into Thailand through the remarkable food.

The best restaurants in Sydney serve delectable Thai food but choose one that also offers you an authentic Thai culinary experience with original ingredients. Ideally the Thai ways to eat is in large groups; but while in Sydney do as Sydney does! Do not hesitate to uncover the delight of distinctive Thai flavours just because you can’t assemble a gathering tonight! Make a solo reservation and let the food be your partner in culinary delight.

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