Thai Food – All of the Tastes in the World

Thai food has become well-known worldwide known as the best gourmets in the world. Actually Thai cuisine is the national food of Thailand mixed with the several elements such as southern Asian traditions, Thai cooking places emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic components. Thai food was traditionally eaten with the right hand with seated on mats or carpet, generally eaten with a fork, spoon and chopstick also. Thai food is often served with a variety of sauces and condiments which include the phrik nam plalnam pla phrik ( consisting of fish sauce, lime juice, chopped chilles and garlic)dried chili flakes, sweet chili sauce, sliced chili peppers in rice vinegar, sriracha sauce, or a spicy chili sauce or paste called nam phrik. Therefore, Thai foods is widely known for being hot and spicy which is cooked with the basic ingredients such as garlic, chilllies, lime juice, lemon grass and fresh coriander leaf and fermented fish sauce (nam pla) or shimp paste (kapi)to make it salty. Thai foods has been popular worldwide and has been famous in many cities where they offer the delicious Thai foods for visitors with the balance of five flavors which are spicy, salty, sweet, sour and bitter.

Now you can find the typical taste of Thai foods from the “land of smiles” where you should not miss Thai food while traveling in anywhere in the U.S.. You can find many Thai restaurants which are known for the diversity of ingredient and outstanding spiciness foods. Americans are foodies at heart and you can enjoy Thai food many places with the popular dishes which include green curry, somtam, tom kha and tom yam. Since rice is the main food in Thailand and usually eaten at every meal with soups, curries, fried vegetables and nam phrik. Nam phrik is a hot sauce prepared in a variety of ways and differs from region to region. Nam phrik pal pon is a ground drain fish and chilli sauce, nam phrik pla raa is a fermented fish and chilli sauc, nam phrik kapi is a shrimp paste and chilli sauce, nam phrik oong is a crumble pork, tomato and chilli sauce. In general the basic ingredients of nam phrik include shrimp paste, garlic, chilli, fermented fish sauce and lemon juice. In some rural areas, Thai people even eat the insects such as crickets, silk worm, larvae, red ant larva and at the same time, Thai people have desserts which are often made from sticky rice or coconut milk, flour, egg and coconut sugar while a variety of fruit is available all the year around. Thai foods are described as being spiced and chilli hot, people currently enjoys worldwide especially the eotic Tom Yam Kung, a uniquely piquant prawn soup that is renowned for its simplicity, creativity, artistic flair and delicious taste.


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