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There are many diverse and culturally significant-type cuisines around the world which introduces a whole new world of flavor once it is bitten into. Many cuisines are defined by its honey-laced sweetness, tingling spiciness and outright bone-shaking sourness. A lot of cultural cuisines exude a rainbow of flavor which is immensely difficult to replicate at home. Thai food is a type of cuisine that spread worldwide and is beloved by many. Restaurants have benefitted from opening Thai cuisine in many regions of the world and for restaurants in Thailand; many choose to refine their craft; to adapt to the taste buds of modern-age food critics. Cooking classes offer a rare glimpse into the kitchen, the science behind creating many drool-worthy dishes to help people to relive the exotic taste of traditional Thai food.

One of the most important points about Thai cooking is the use of fresh ingredients. Fresh ingredients are, the ‘heart and soul’ of Thai cuisine. Fortunately, Thai markets are open early in the morning therefore; it allows would-be cooks to hunt down the best ingredients for their dishes. After you’ve got all the ingredients, now what do you do? Well, let’s start cooking!

The Phuket Thai Cooking School is renowned to be one of the best cooking classes to date in Phuket. The classes hosted at the cooking school are small, roughly catering to 1 – 9 people. Classes are usually in the morning to take advantage of Phuket’s bustling early markets and pleasant breeze. The school teaches a variety of well-known Thai dishes which are offered through their range of courses. Each course is defined by appetizers, main courses and desserts. For those interested in a crash course, the school does offer an intensive course, which lasts 1 – 7 days. Included in the crash course is market tours, certificate and recipes book.

The recipes book will include top Thai favorites such as: Tom Yum Kung, Gaeng Khew Waan Kai, Pad Thai, Masaman Curry Paste, Phanang Curry with Beef or Chicken and much more!

Ultimately, students gain an in-depth insight in how to shop, prepare and create Thai food, taught by professionals and cuisine enthusiasts. For those looking for more cooking classes to attend to, there are a myriad of other locations of interest as well. More of classes can be found here.

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